3 Pumpkin Activities for Language Development

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Peoria, Speech, Surprise

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year! There are so many new, exciting objects that can be used to encourage language with your child. One of my favorite items to use to encourage language is a pumpkin! Here are a few pumpkin related activities that you can try out this fall:

  • Painting Pumpkins: This is a fun creative way to work on colors! Have your child request each color of paint from you. You can also incorporate teaching shapes as well by drawing shapes on the pumpkin or teach body parts by drawing eyes, a nose, and a mouth on your pumpkin. If you want something less messy, consider using stickers or markers to decorate your pumpkin and having your child request for each item!
  • Hide and Seek with Pumpkins: Kids love hide and seek and it is a great activity for teaching object permanence (this is when your child realizes that an object still exists, even when it is not visible). One way you can play hide and seek with your pumpkin is by hiding your pumpkin around the house and going on a “hunt” to find it. Using phrases such as “where are you, pumpkin?,” “nope, not there,” and “I found it!” are great ways to start a verbal routine. For older kids, you can ask your child to hide the pumpkin in various places like under the blue blanket or in the kitchen sink to assist with following directions. 
  • Rolling a Pumpkin: This activity is as simple as it sounds! To encourage language, you can practice “my turn” and “your turn.” If you have multiple people playing, you can practice asking “who wants the pumpkin?” and “I do.”

Hopefully these ideas will create fun fall memories for you and your little one while encouraging language through play! If you have any language development concerns with your child, please call us to schedule a speech evaluation!


Katie Egea, MS CCC-SLP