All About ABA

by | Mar 17, 2022 | ABA

What is applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA)?

  • ABA is a type of therapy that provides evidence-based treatment to teach functional skills, decrease interfering or problem behaviors, increase socially appropriate behaviors, and increase the overall quality of life.
  • ABA therapy is used to encompass a wide range of skills including social skills, communication, safety skills, visual perceptual skills, attending, following directions, classroom readiness, gross motor and fine motor skills, hygiene, grooming, potty training, domestic capabilities, and eventually job competence.

5 Facts About ABA

  1. Positive reinforcement is one of the key components of ABA. By determining what motivates the child, we can use reinforcement to teach and reward positive behaviors.
  2. In ABA, no two programs are the same. RBTs and BCBAs work together to create a unique plan to care for every child.
  3. Visuals are commonly used to aid in task completion. Visuals can include: written or picture schedules, step-by-step instructions or pictures showing how to complete a task, first/then boards, token boards, calendars, checklists, etc. (Choice Maker app is awesome for creating visual schedules). Many children will respond much better to visual cues than verbal cues.
  4. ABA is an evidence-based practice demonstrating its effectiveness for increasing appropriate behaviors and decreasing problem behavior.
  5. ABA therapy at TEAM 4 Kids is very unique compared to other centers. At TEAM 4 Kids, we use play-based methods to create fun sessions for each child. We believe in the TEAM approach. All of our therapists work closely together to provide the best comprehensive care. Having all therapies at TEAM 4 Kids (speech, occupational, physical, feeding, myo, and ABA!) allows the therapists to have access to your child’s complete medical profile. This is what differentiates our therapy from others.

If you are interested in learning more about ABA therapy or have any questions about your child’s development, give us a call at TEAM 4 Kids!