App of the Week: My First Songs

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This week’s app of the week is recommended from our Speech Therapy Team – The app is called: My First Songs.

My First Songs teaches your child a variety of nursery rhymes in a fun and interactive way! Not only are they having fun, but they are also building language and developmental skills. In the app, you will find over 10 nursery rhymes your child can sing. Your child may not be able to sing them perfectly, but that’s okay! Encourage them to dance and copy hand motions. As your child begins to learn the nursery rhymes, stop at a moment in the song and see if they can fill in the blank. Singing these songs are as fun as you want to make it, so get up and dance with your little one!

As always, feel free to share with your friends and family who could benefit from this app! Enjoy!

Chelsea, Speech Therapy Team

App of the Week - My First Songs App