App of the Week: Ready-To-Print

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Occupational Therapy | 0 comments

App of the Week: Ready to Print 

This app teaches visual perception and motor coordination of prewriting strokes that are a necessary foundation prior to learning to write ABCs and 123s in a developmentally sequential manner. Although this app is more pricey than most, $9.99, it is so worth it in that there are 10 different categories of play and within each category, it has many activities that are graded from easy to more challenging to meet a variety of levels of learning. If you want to add a hand strengthening and coordination component to using this app, have your child pinch a ½” x ½” square piece of cellulose sponge and use this as an alternative to interacting with the app using their isolated index finger!

Lisa, Occupational Therapy Team