App of the Week: Super Baby (video center for infant development / gross motor skills / baby milestones)

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Physical Therapy | 0 comments

This week’s App of the Week comes from our Physical Therapy team and is a great pairing with the most recent Physical Therapy Blog Post: Physical Therapy: Appropriate Gross Motor Skills. Super Baby is a video center for infant development to reach gross motor skills and baby milestones, developed by a pediatric physical therapist and pediatric occupational therapist.

“From rolling over to crawling to walking, Super Baby’s videos will help your child reach the key milestones in his/her physical development.” It provides “baby exercise videos to help your child soar through the first year of life. Super Baby has over 40 different videos including clinically proven therapeutic techniques to help your baby be the best baby it can be. Super Baby’s developmental activities give your child a head start towards life long development. Perform the different developmental activities with your child a few times a day to improve their developmental success.”


Amanda, Physical Therapy Team