App of the Week: The Bored Game App

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Physical Therapy | 0 comments

You have heard it before: “I’m bored. What should I do?” Well, we have the answer for you! This week’s App of the Week is called The Bored Game App, and comes as a recommendation from our Physical Therapy team! This app is a fun way to encourage individual and group play, drawing on imaginative play and creativity. Read more below:

“The Board Game promotes back to basics play where kids use imagination and creativity. It is an activity decider for children ages 4-11 or readers of all ages. Spin the arrow with a flick of your finger, to see which game or activity is chosen for you to play. Detail, instructions or images relevant to that activity will appear. These activities are classic games, which promote creative, physical and exploitative individual or group play.”