APP OF THE WEEK: “Wet Dry Try”

Available for the iPad and iOS on the App Store for $4.99 the “Wet Dry Try” app follows the curriculum of Handwriting Without Tears allowing children to “virtually” practice their letter and number formation by first “wetting” the letter with a...


Calming Bottles DIY

Calming bottles (also called sensory bottles, clam down jars, etc.) are reused plastic water bottles which contain water, glitter, and some glue. The glue in the water/glitter combination causes the liquid to move slowly when shaken. Calming...


What is Hip Dysplasia?

One problem that happens to newborn or to infants in their earlier life is hip dysplasia. This condition is when the top part of the thigh bone does not secure to the hip socket. Parents should be aware of the following signs of hip dysplasia, in...