“CHOICEWORKS for iPad/iPhone”

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Speech | 0 comments

You will see Choiceworks uChoiceWorks for iPad/iPhonesed a lot around TEAM 4 Kids! It is an app that is used to create visual schedules so that a child can predict what will happen within a given routine or throughout the day. It can make transitions easier and decrease anxiety when they can predict what will be happening next. This app is wonderful because it is very easy to customize by using pre-loaded pictures, adding your own pictures, and even recording your own voice.

Key Features

■ Three boards: Schedule, Waiting, and FeelingsChoiceWorks for iPad/iPhone
■ Three Companion Books supporting each board
■ Image Library preloaded with over 180 images and audio
■ Add your own images and record your own audio for limitless customizability
Attach a video to any board image
■ Easily create profiles to personalize and manage multiple users
■ Save an unlimited number of boards for multiple children or different routines
■ Speaks boards out loud with professionally recorded audio
■ Time saving essentials like search and auto-save
■ Share boards by Email or iTunes File Sharing with other Choiceworks app users
■ Ability to print boards or save as PDF