Employee Spotlight – Hannah Jacobs

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Avondale, Occupational Therapy

Interview with Hannah

Tell us about yourself

I grew up in Seattle, I moved to Tennessee for a bit, and then nearly 4 years ago I moved to Phoenix. I love the desert but will always be a PNW girl at heart. I got engaged this summer and I cannot wait to marry my favorite person in a couple of months and adventure together for the rest of our lives

Why did you become an Occupational Therapist?

I love the combination of knowing the human body, teaching, and creativity that OT requires. I am passionate about working with individuals on skills that increase their independence and success in daily life tasks and meaningful activities because that ultimately fosters a sense of autonomy, confidence, and purpose.

Why do you think your coworkers nominated you for being Adventurous?

Well, adventure is one of my favorite words, so I probably use it a lot. I love to be on the go and I thrive on spontaneity. Being outdoors is one of my favorite places to be whether that’s hiking, climbing something, skiing, snowshoeing, paddleboarding, kayaking, or just sitting by a bonfire under the stars. If it’s happening and it’s outside, you can probably count me in.

What do you love most about working with TEAM 4 Kids?

I truly enjoy the wonderful people I get to work alongside every day. Much of my growth as a therapist can be attributed to my coworkers and it is a blessing to have coworkers that are as supportive and encouraging as mine are at T4K.

Nominations for Hannah:

She has done so many cool things! I swear that girl is always out adventuring. She definitely is one to have big ideas and isn’t afraid to jump right in.”

She did the half dome! And she isn’t afraid of behaviors. She investigates the root cause of behaviors and dives in. She likes a challenge.”

She is always rock climbing and traveling to new places”

Hannah is always down to do something cool & spontaneous. I have watched her go on so many cool adventures since I have known her. I can tell she truly has a zest for life & loves to see the beauty of the world.”

Hannah is always spending her time on a variety of adventures.  I admire her love of nature and exploration.  She makes the most of her time off and sees parts of the world not seen by most!”

She’s active and always on the go. She seems to enjoy traveling and doing things on her downtime outside of work!”

Hannah is always on an adventure whether it’s in the clinic or outside of the clinic.  Outside of the clinic, Hannah is a free spirit, always hiking somewhere new, pursuing a certification in something adventurous such as scuba diving, and challenging herself to go beyond her comfort zone to try new adventures.  In the clinic, every session is thoughtfully planned for, but Hannah can quickly adapt when the session doesn’t go as planned and has the flexible mindset to go to plan B, C, or D if needed.  This flexibility is a therapeutic adventure in and of itself for the client and therapist to maximize their time together.”

She is always doing something crazy, fun, and outdoors!”

Hannah is always going on adventures and seizing the moment to try something new!”

I feel like I always see her traveling, whether it’s local or not. She is always hiking and I love seeing her pictures of different places.”

Hannah is adventurous with her clients and is always creative with how the activities portray therapy. She is always coming up with new ideas!”

Hannah isn’t afraid to hop out on an adventure with a tent in hand! This also is adventurous at T4K, she took a passion for life skills and created the Game of LIFE making that class an interactive adventure in and of its own!”