Employee Spotlight – Steve Sargol

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Avondale, Peoria, Physical Therapy, Surprise

Interview with Steve

Tell us about yourself

I’m one of the older therapists here at a whopping 37 years old but I act like one of the kids most of the time. I have a wife and 2 awesome kids. I love motorcycles, cars, golfing and the outdoors. I do not like holding still, so usually I’m zipping around the clinic instead of sitting in one spot!

Why did you become a Physical Therapist?

After working as a personal trainer for several years I realized I had a knack for understanding the mechanics of the human body. I wanted to progress beyond fitness and be able to help people through more challenging situations.

Why do you think your coworkers nominated you for showing silliness?

I like to have fun throughout the day. I can often be found running and playing with kids, messing with co-workers, or joking around. If I’m in the building, chances are you will be able to hear me. 🙂

What do you love most about working with TEAM 4 Kids?

My co-workers are amazing. Everyone helps everyone else out and make themselves very approachable. I have a lot of fun here, which makes work feel much less like work!

If you had one wish, what would it be?

I kind of want to say I’d like to have an unlimited amount of money, but really I would just be happy to have my debts disappear. Student loans are a monster!

Nominations for Steve:

Anytime I get to work at the same location as Steve he is always making me, his client, or my client laugh. He is so fun to be around.”

He’s always quick with a joke, randomly scares/pranks coworkers, makes funny faces or will wear a mask and go around saying “bring out your dead!”. He’s the best to have in your clinic!”

Steve is always making jokes and playing pranks!”

Steve is literally the biggest goof! Always knows how to keep people laughing and happy.”

He has a lot of wit in high pressure situations.”

Steve is always a lot of fun to work with!  He is able to lift the mood in any environment for both clients and coworkers with jokes and laughs.”

Steve really embodies this quality of silliness. He is always making kids and coworkers laugh with his silly personality and jokes. I miss having him at the Surprise location.”

He is always cracking jokes and walking around making everyone’s day by just being himself. He is so fun to work with because each day you never know what you’re going to get. He is the best!”

Steve is the perfect balance of silly yet knowledgeable, he knows how to make the kids feel comfortable and be themselves while also helping them to their maximum potential. He is super fun to work with and I am sad he is only in Avondale now :(“

Steve always plans sessions for his clients that involve humor and incorporating creative activities so the kids have fun. He also brings humor to lunch time with his colleagues. Steve is a big contributor to TEAM 4 Kids’ fun work environment!”

Steve has a fun, spirited personality. He loves to make people laugh.”

I think Steve tops the charts with this one!  He has a lot of great qualities but keeping an upbeat personality, good energy, and making people laugh are some of his strengths.  I recently heard the quote “Laughter is the closest distance between two people” and Steve’s fun personality brings a lot of people together on the TEAM!”

He is always making jokes and having everyone laugh around him!”

He’s always the life of the party in the clinics and has such a silly, fun technique that keeps the kiddos excited to come to therapy!”

He is constantly making jokes.”

Steve is always a fount of silliness but in the best way possible.  He makes every co-tx, meeting, and employee lunch better.  He is deeply missed in Surprise.  I also love how he manages to keep it professional in all his silliness.  He chooses the best ways to exhibit this quality. “

Steve always cheers up his co-workers and clients. He is always in a goofy and good mood.”

He is always trying to get kids to laugh and willing to do anything to put a smile on faces.”

Steve has a great personality and he is always making the kiddos laugh! He is perfect for working with kids. They light up when they see him and he always does something goofy to make them laugh. Some of the patients just hear his voice and don’t even seem them and they smile. Of course, he makes us laugh as well, which we love. Laughter is the best medicine!”

Steve makes all of our days with his silliness! He always makes the silliest expressions and cracks us up with his jokes!”

He always makes the work environment vibrate and fun! I love the energy he creates!”

He is always happy and being silly with clients, even if they are working with someone else and he is walking past. He isn’t afraid to act wild to get the kids, and employees, to laugh!”