GoNoodle App: Get Your Kids Moving!

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Physical Therapy

This is a free app for kiddos to keep them active throughout the day! This app is designed for kiddos Ages 4-10 and includes a variety of ways to engage a child and help them stay active. This includes activities such as dancing, yoga, sports, exercise, how tos, deep breathing, and mindfulness activities. Each week, this app comes out with new videos to continue to grab the attention of all kiddos as the trends change in society. GoNoodle advertises a few main ways to use the app! The first way is to have a competition! Who doesn’t love to win? Another way is to use the app as a reward. For example, ask your child to complete one chore then use GoNoodle to play after the task is complete. A third way to use the app is to get those mid-day jitters out with a dance break! There are so many ways to use this app, but the most important factor is to keep your child moving throughout the day in order to set their lives up for a healthy and active future!


Lauren Yoshida, PT, DPT, ATC