The Handwriting Heroes class improves handwriting legibility by identifying which handwriting errors your child ages 8 and older commonly uses and correcting these errors by using fun, gross motor writing activities, sensory motor medium size writing activities, as well as completing a wacky art activity and writing about it to apply what was learned during that day’s lesson. Areas of focus for this class include letter alignment, letter and word spacing, and identifying one’s own errors in writing that lead to poor legibility.

Who benefits from Handwriting Heroes?

Children who would benefit from the Handwriting Heroes class would be children whose handwriting is considered to have poor legibility, but can write longer sentences. We work to help kids self identify when letters are not correctly placed on the line, have too little spacing between their letters, or what errors they have in their own writing that will further increase their handwriting legibility.

What activities do you do in this class?

In handwriting heroes, we use the classic paper and pencil to complete hand writing tasks but more importantly we use a combination of sensory activities with shaving cream, sand, paint as well as large motor tasks in the gym to get kiddos engaged in writing in various ways. We work with various themes of the month to help children get excited and more creative with their writing skills!

When is Handwriting Heroes offered?

Handwriting Heroes is offered at our Surprise location on Mondays at 4:15 PM as well as Tuesday’s at 5:00 PM.
Thursday’s at 4:00 pm in the Peoria Location.