Let’s Talk About Food: A Feeding Therapy Blog Post

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Feeding Therapy, Speech | 0 comments

It may be “feeding” therapy, but that doesn’t mean we should stop talking. Talking about food can help engage a child with food they are eating, while also working on language skills. A bonus! Especially when children are introduced to new foods, it may be intimidating to look at something that they are never tried before. When they hear others talking about all the intriguing qualities of the food, they may be more likely to get involved and have a taste. Just think about all the ways you can talk about food:

  • texture (crunchy, soft, smooth, flaky, spongy, chewy)
  • taste (sweet, salty, bitter, sour, spicy)
  • look (color, shape, size)
  • aroma (strong, mild)
  • temperature (hot, cold, room temperature)
  • sound (loud, quiet)

So when you’re sitting around the dinner table, have family members take turns talking about their food (“My carrots are loud and crunchy” or “My ice cream is very cold”). It can get everyone engaged and excited about the food. Have fun and get talking!

– Kristen, Speech and Feeding Therapy Team