Madison Morris


Registered Behavioral Technician

Basic Information: I have grown up in Arizona all of my life and studied at Arizona State University! I have always been involved in working with children as I was previously a girl scout for 12 years! I have worked in many different areas when it comes to working with kids, beginning with volunteer work to coaching gymnastics to now working as an RBT.

Interests and Hobbies: I am very passionate about fitness and music as that journey started by performing when I was a kid! I love to sing and play the guitar or piano while creating my own music!

Favorite Place to Travel: My favorite place to travel is California! I love sitting on the beach, reading, and getting some sunshine.

Favorite quote: “Live in the moment!”

What I Love Most About Working with Children: The thing I love the most about working with children is the fact that there is so much opportunity and room for growth for the kiddos as well as myself!