“Making the Holidays Just a Little Bit Easier”

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Occupational Therapy | 0 comments

We are deep into the holiday season, beginning with Halloween and ending with bringing in a New Year.  This is a time to be joyful, spend with family, and create new memories.  For many children who have difficulty with sensory processing, holiday time brings additional stress and anxiety to their life. 
The hypersensitive child becomes even more anxious with all of the new sensory stimuli provided by lights, decorations, festive music, new food, and crowded retail stores.  A child who is comfortable going to certain places out in the community may no longer enjoy being away from home with all of the additions and changes community establishments put into place for the holidays.  The child who prefers routine will find that life drastically changes during the holidays with hustle and bustle, going to holiday parties, traveling, and meeting new people or distant family. However, there are many strategies that a parent can implement during the holiday season to ensure there is an opportunity for all family members to participate in the
festivities, maintain a routine while weaving in holiday activities, and create happy memories. Take a look through the following links for some extremely helpful ways to facilitate this holiday season: