Grand Re-Opening


Q:When are you open?

We have always remained open as an essential service to the community, however, it has been in a limited capacity. We are inviting all of our clients to have in clinic appointments starting May 11th, if they choose.

Q: I like my new day and time. Can I keep it?

We are asking all families to keep their scheduled day and time prior to the pandemic. Starting May 26th we will begin making changes to the schedule that will be effective June 1st. Due to many families having co-treats, back to back appointments and siblings with same appointment times we need to keep the schedule as close to pre pandemic as possible. We have hired additional staff and believe at this time families will have more appointment options. We appreciate your patience with us as we try to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Q: We aren’t ready to come back in clinic, can we still do telehealth?

Absolutely! Telehealth will be offered until May 31st as allowed through most insurance companies. Co pays will continue to be waived for telehealth appointments.

Q: What extra safety precautions will you be taking?

Each clinic has an air scrubber with UV filtration designed to kill airborne viruses and bacteria. Every person must wash their hands upon entering the clinic and when leaving. Equipment will be sanitized between clients. Door handles, bathrooms and light switches will be cleaned hourly. Parents have a choice of waiting in the waiting room with limited seating, waiting in their car or waiting outside. We have masks available for therapist and children. In addition, we are asking every family upon check in if they have any symptoms of illness and canceling appointments if any symptoms are present.

Q: Will you still be doing home visits?

Therapists will no longer be doing home visits that weren’t already scheduled pre pandemic. Our therapists are back to working their full time schedules with in clinic visits and telehealth visits.

Q: Are your therapists and staff wearing masks?

Masks are available for every therapist and child although they are not required. If a family requests that the therapist wear a mask the request will be honored by the therapist.

Q: How are you ensuring social distancing is being adhered to?

Parents will have the option of staying in their car, waiting in the waiting room or attending the session. Only 1 adult will be allowed in the building to accompany the child during the therapy sessions. Siblings will not be allowed to be in the building.Parents who cannot find a sitter for siblings can plan to wait in their car, wait outside, or continue with Telehealth. We are removing chairs to create more distance in the lobby and parent lounges will be closed until further notice. Some therapeutic techniques require direct physical contact, handling, or assistance making social distancing a challenge during these instances.