Q: What are you doing to ensure the clinic is sanitized?

A: We are currently having all persons that enter our clinics wash their hands upon arrival and before exiting the building.  In addition, therapists are washing their hands before and after seeing each child. We have always been concerned with the health of our employees and families so we are continuing to sanitize our equipment. We also have a UV air scrubber that continually cleans the air and surfaces in our offices. Additional seating will be available outside in both locations.

Q: Are you going to remain open?

A: At this time, we are offering limited clinic options.  Our goal is to provide continuation of care to all of our clients, as that is in the best interest for their development, while taking into consideration the guidance of local and federal health officials.  We are providing various options for children to receive therapy, as outlined below, in order to provide this continuation of care.

Q: What other options of therapy will you be providing in addition to clinic based therapy?

A: We have three options for therapy  1) Telehealth 2) Outdoor park setting and 3) Home Health

Q: What is telehealth?

A: Telehealth is a web-based platform to access therapy.  Basically, we will provide your child with therapy online via live, face-to-face video conferencing. Telehealth sessions will be very similar to your traditional sessions and can be accessed anywhere internet service is available. Therapy is so much more than hands-on; this will give the parent and therapist the opportunity to build on parent education while implementing the therapist-taught methods in an in-home setting.  This will be an opportunity to build and strengthen your child’s home program during increased time at home with your kids.

Q: I don’t have any therapy tools in my house; how will telehealth and/or home visits benefit my child?

A: Actually you do!  At Team 4 Kids, we cleverly disguise therapy as play!  Your therapist will use objects naturally found in your home and/or your child’s toys.  This allows for amazing home program follow-through!

Q: Are your group classes being cancelled?

A: With the shortage of food choices in the grocery stores, we are temporarily cancelling our feeding groups and treating those kids using individual therapy where the parent supplies the food from their home.  The CDC recommends canceling gatherings of more than 10 people for organizations that serve higher-risk populations. All of our groups are smaller than 10 participants and children are not considered a high-risk population.  Should a parent prefer individualized therapy sessions during the Coronavirus Pandemic, they are free to choose from the four options mentioned above.  

Q: Why are you staying open when schools are cancelled?

A: We feel that in this time of uncertainty many of the children we serve need to continue to receive therapy in order to keep progressing in their functional skills and prevent regression.  This is even more essential now that children are not in schools practicing these skills every day. Many of our kiddos thrive on routine and structure in their day; we are attempting to provide some normalcy in these trying times.

Q: Have you revised your requirement that parents stay in the building during therapy sessions?

A: Yes.  We have placed chairs outside our front door in addition to having a picnic table outside our gym door.  Parents are also welcome to sit in their car during a therapy session and we will bring your child to your car.  Some kids like to bolt! If that is your kiddo, we may call you and ask you to meet us at the front door when therapy is complete.

Q: Will I be charged a fee if I cancel?

A:  If you cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance, you will not be charged a fee.  If you contact our office the day of an appointment prior to 8am because you or your child is ill, you will not be charged a fee nor will you  be required to reschedule. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice for a reason other than illness, you will have to pay a $25 late cancel fee unless you reschedule.  Please keep in mind this is based on business hours. For example, we are not open on the weekends. A voicemail left on Saturday to cancel an appointment on Monday is NOT sufficient notice unless your child is sick.  Appointments can be cancelled for up to 2 weeks, but if appointments are cancelled after 2 weeks and you have declined our additional methods of providing therapy (telehealth, home visits, public sessions), we will have to cancel all ongoing appointments. This is to provide consistent services to those children still attending therapy.

Q: If I cancel my child’s therapy because they or someone in our house is ill, what is required to resume therapy?

A: In order to maintain our healthy environment, any child that misses therapy due to their own illness or that of someone with whom they reside with, a doctor’s note clearing them to resume therapy in any setting other than Teletherapy, will be required.  This change is only in effect during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Q: If I have a co-pay or a bundle package will I have to pay for telehealth?

A: No! Co-pays will not be collected for telehealth sessions and telehealth visits will not count towards your bundle package sessions.

Information regarding the Coronavirus is developing and being shared in our community rather quickly.  As we gather new information, we will continue to adjust our policies and update them on this webpage.