Playing with Playdough – A Speech Therapy Blog Post

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Need help motivating your child to practice their speech and language skills at home? Well, Playdough can help! Here are some great activities and tips you can use at home!

Articulation Practice:

  1. Practice target sounds
    1. Have your child practice the targeted sound 5-8 times, and then create a Playdough item together.
    2. Pick out a color that has the target sound. For example, /p/ for pink. Every time your child pushes down, squeezes or molds the Playdough, practice saying the sound.
    3. Use Playdough cut-outs for target sounds. For example, the animal cow can be used to practice the /k/ sound. Make 3-5 of those Playdough cut-outs. As you point to each cut-out, have your child practice saying “cow”.

Language Activities:

  1. Colors
    1. Every time you pick out a different color of Playdough, ask your child to point or label it.
  2. Vocabulary
    1. Pick out a select group of Playdough cut-outs (animals, food, body parts, etc.). As you make each cut-out, ask your child to point or label it.
  3. Categories
    1. Use a variety of different Playdough cut-outs. As you finish making the variety of cut-outs, ask your child to sort them into groups. Discuss with your child the different categories you have created.
  4. Actions
    1. Create as many different Playdough cut-outs as you want. Take the different cut-outs and start playing with your child. Talk to them about jumping, running, sliding, waving, eating, etc. These actions will help expand their language skills.

Playdough can be a great interactive activity to help your child practice their speech and language skills at home. Always remember the more fun you have, the more they are willing to learn. Please consult your child’s Speech and Language Pathologist for further questions.

Happy Playing!

Chelsea Eberson –Speech Therapy Team