Sibshop Event: Workshop for Siblings of Children with Special Needs

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Peoria

Sibshops: Sibling Support in a Recreational Environment

Siblings of a child with a disability will often display parallel emotions and experiences as the parent. What does this mean? If you are a parent reading this post, consider the struggles and successes you have experienced in the journey of learning about your child’s disability. Think about the support you have received, the informed professionals that have guided you on this path and other parents you have related to along the way. Now consider your children who are also on this journey as a member of the family. A sibling of a child with a disability can experience parallel forms of emotion similar to a parent including guilt, resentment, embarrassment, or isolation. They can also feel emotions of pride, inspiration, understanding or love. In reality, siblings of an individual with a disability have the longest-lasting relationship across the lifespan and because of this, their well-being needs to be a priority.

What can we do for these siblings? We can give them the opportunity to come to the clinic, not for their sibling’s therapy or treatment, but to attend an event specifically designed for them to meet peers with similar experiences and to receive a little well-deserved attention. We can give them a safe place to share their good and not-so-good feelings about life with a sibling with a disability, without judgement. Or even to just simply listen to other siblings share and absorb the experience. A place to have fun and partake in recreational activities and games! A place to laugh and bond with peers of similar ages.

Team 4 Kids is beginning to host sibling events with certified providers in the leading national sibling support program, Sibshops. Our first event will be held on March 6, 2021 at our Peoria clinic (20470 N Lake Pleasant Rd STE 107 Peoria, AZ 85382). All Team 4 Kids siblings ages 7-14 are welcome to join us at our event, with a small registration fee of $10 per child. Follow the link below to register or reach out to Team 4 Kids to find out more!

Click here to register for the event: