Taking Movement Breaks with Fun Apps

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Physical Therapy

Movement Breaks for Your Kiddos

Movement breaks are so important for kids of all ages as it helps with general development in all areas. Many kiddos, especially nowadays, have the tendency of sitting around on some sort of electronics all day – so why not use those electronics as a way to get them moving! Below are some of my favorite apps that encourage different types of movement throughout the day. Every hour, get up and move!

  • Toca Dance

This app allows children to create a dance team and routine that the child will then replicate by making their own music video! The child has the option to make it as easy or hard as they want, as long as they are able to dance those same groovy moves!

  • NFL Play 60

This app is all about collecting all the coins and getting as many points as possible! This app includes games such as TAG and Red-Light Green Light with a football twist! Your child can collect extra points for going on family walks, riding a bike, or playing in the park!

  • Sworkit Kids

This app encourages all kinds of exercise and fitness for kids of all ages! The focus is strength, flexibility, and agility. Some examples that this apps includes are crab walks, squats, and planks. 

Try out these apps and let us know which one is your favorite! If you have any questions or concerns with your child’s development, give us a call at TEAM 4 Kids.

Lauren Yoshida 

Lauren Yoshida, PT, DPT, ATC