Basic Info: My name is Lexi Hughes, I am a 21 year old who aspires to become a psychiatric nurse for children in psychiatric hospitals. I want to help kids battling mental illnesses so they can grow into successful, happy and healthy adults.

Interest and hobbies: Music is my whole life, I love to write songs, sing and dance to any beat. I love to spend time with my awesome family and friends and watch countless documentaries.

Favorite Quote: “There are no stars without darkness.”

Favorite place to travel: I haven’t been to too many exciting places YET, but I fell in love with Cancun, Mexico when I took a vacation there. For years I’ve been obsessing and following New Zealand Instagram pages, and I intend on traveling there once I finish college.

Why do you love working with kids: I love working with kids because they remind me how important it is to embrace our playful, imaginative and overly-confident sides. I want to help children grow and make positive changes as much as I can because the things children are taught and enforced at a young age really does mold them into the person they will be in the future.