Patient Care Coordinator

Basic Info:  I was born and raised in Los Angeles CA, where I live until 2015.  I moved to the AZ area with my husband and daughter.  I worked in retail for 17yrs before moving over to T4K.  I’ve always had the passion to work around kids and now I have the opportunity to do so.

Interest and Hobbies:  Spending time with loved ones, being a mother, watching a good suspenseful movie, and exploring new things.    

Favorite Quote:  If GOD is for me who can be against me                                          

Favorite place to travel:  I don’t have a favorite yet but I will love to visit the Bahamas and Hawaii.  

Why do you love working with children:  I love working with kids because I am able to guide and encourage them.  They are honest with pure personalities.  It’s a joy to see them get excited when learning new things.  Most of all, they have the cutest little faces which help brighten my day.

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