Shandra Manos


Billing Assistant

Basic Information: Proud recent graduate with a diploma in Medical Billing and Coding excited to start work in the Medical Billing field.

Interests and Hobbies: I like to play all kinds of games, read, go to the movies, painting, coloring with gel pens and going swimming. On weekends I enjoy spending time with my family and their pets.

Favorite Place to Travel: Arizona was always my favorite place to travel to. I have a lot of great memories here. I am happy to live here now to make many more.

Favorite Quote:  “Reach for the stars”

What I Love Most About Working with Children: It’s exciting to see them learn something new and to try to remember seeing the world as a child. They get delighted at the small things in life. I am so glad that Team4Kids is there to support children, help them grow, and reach important milestones.