The Empowered Parent cont.

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Every child deserves to feel confident and competent. When they feel good and have the necessary skills, they succeed. Behavior is communication. What is your child’s behavior telling you?
As an Occupational Therapist with 20+ years’ experience in private schools, public schools, and homes, I coach caregivers of kids with challenging behaviors, difficult temperaments, ADHD, learning disabilities and autism. What can you do when traditional parenting approaches don’t seem to work for your child?

  • Do you feel alone in your struggle and judged by family and friends?
  •  Do you feel like every other family is happier than yours?
  • Do you feel like your child struggling at school or that the school isn’t meeting your child’s needs, and you don’t know how to address it with the school?
  • Does parenting seem overwhelming and leave you feeling like you’re not the parent you thought you would be?
  • Do you sometimes dread coming home because of the challenges and tensions that arise from these difficulties?

Parenting is challenging, demanding, overwhelming, emotional and exhausting work, even under the best of circumstances. Add in ADHD, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorder or other developmental disorders, and it can be downright overwhelming. Traditional parenting approaches are not effective with kids with poor emotional control and lagging skills.
Your child isn’t giving you a hard time. Your child is having a hard time. While their behavior may feel personal on the surface, your child is actually struggling.

Confronting issues such as getting a diagnosis, whether or not to medicate, feeling isolated among family and friends, and stressors on siblings and the family are just some of the very complex realities of parenting a child with an invisible disability.

My goal is to help parents, educators and providers understand kids who are different and how to help them succeed. Working as a team you will see improved behavior, less meltdowns, fewer instances of yelling and a lot more empathy, peace, patience and calm. Truly understanding your child is the key to improving their behavior.

  • Do you want to feel empowered to navigate the obstacles and hurdles of parenting?
  • Do you want to learn how to confidently and effectively help your child at home and at school?
  • Do you want to feel more joy in your family life?

I will help you tailor your parenting to suit your child and work alongside them to help them flourish. I will teach you the mindset, strategies and parenting approaches necessary to help your child thrive.

I teach a positive parenting approach that helps improve behavior and parent confidence for raising differently wired children. I focus on empowering you to create tangible, lasting results. A change in behavior often requires a change in your parenting. A parent’s mindset guides the journey. Unconditional love. connection and collaboration are significant and empower a strong parent- child relationship.

  • Understand how your child processes their world.
  • Stop yelling and decrease family stress and tension.
  • Master effective behavior improvement strategies.
  • Identify the skills your child needs to develop and how to meet them where they are.
  • Be a calmer, more patient, more confident parent.
  • Learn how to navigate the supports to put in place at school.
  • Parenting with your child’s unique profile in mind.
  • Gain the knowledge and perspective necessary to understand your child’s response.
  • Develop a game plan to teach lagging skills.

You and I won’t be trying to fix your child because they aren’t broken. We’ll work together, helping you help them navigate their world.

I’ll work with you to help understand your differently wired child or children and help assist in supporting their siblings. I guide parents towards feeling empowered to advocate for their child’s needs.

Together, I will help guide you and your child to a more open, positive and loving relationship. Contact me today for a free 30 min virtual consultation.


 Ilana Kanovsky