Three Super Simple Halloween Hacks

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Speech


Set up a trick or treating in your home! Have family members in rooms with doors closed, practice knocking, saying “trick or treat”, placing candy in the bag, and saying “thank you”. Not enough family members? No problem! Round up the stuffed animals and practice talking to them! Non-verbal and maybe don’t want to lug around that spendy AAC device? Buy a cheap recording button, prerecord your message, use commando velcro to adhere it to their basket or part of their costume, and practice clicking the button to say “trick or treat!”. Too high tech? Pre-print notes for your child to exchange stating that verbalizing “trick or treat” may be tricky for them but they still wish them a happy Halloween!

  1. Too much sugar?

Try a candy exchange! Allow your kids to exchange a set amount of candy for a dollar to buy a toy at the dollar store.

  1.  Map it out

Repeat after me: Schedules. Save. Lives. Ok, not really but they sure do save some friends from meltdowns and frustration. Print or draw a map of the houses you intend to trick or treat at, cross out each house as you go to prepare your trick or treaters for the ending or to help them stay on task as you finish up the night!

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Janae Christensen M.S., CCC-SLP