“Vacation Meals with Picky Eaters”

by | May 25, 2017 | Feeding Therapy | 0 comments

Mealtimes during vacations can sometimes be stressful for both picky eaters and their parents.  The changes in mealtime routines, food choices and even environments can often times be overwhelming for a child with feeding difficulties.  Here are some useful tips to remember during your summer vacation mealtimes:

Prepare your child in advance of any change to their regular mealtime routines.

Try to make a calendar with a menu to ease with mealtime transitions.  Often pre-planning meals or reviewing menus before arriving at a restaurant can help to ease a picky eater of unexpected changes.

Make sure to bring (or schedule a stop at the grocery store) your child’s favorite or preferred foods with you.  Vacations are sometimes a good opportunity to try novel foods, however, it is best to be prepared if your child is not comfortable eating new or unfamiliar foods.

Try to keep mealtimes as close to the same time that your child would normally eat at home and/or school.

Picky eaters are not a reason to keep away from vacations. As long as you plan ahead, and prepare for the unexpected, time away can definitely be a time for new experiences. If you have any questions or are looking for further advice on how to better help your picky eater, be sure to contact our office to arrange an appointment with a feeding therapist. Happy Travels!

Michelle- T4K SLP/FT