What is yoga?

Yoga is a great way to work on improving kids’ gross motor abilities while keeping in mind each child’s individual needs and therapeutic goals. Yoga helps our little ones improve their balance by creating an inner calming and stillness while quieting the mind with a generalization toward improved balance and motor control during functional activities. Yoga will help with self-regulation, self control, and identifying emotions and feelings. Additional benefits of our current yoga programs include improving body awareness, building concentration, increasing confidence and a positive self-image, and managing stress with a healthy outlet. Kids can enter our yoga program as part of their medically approved physical therapy plan (following a qualifying evaluation) or through a cash pay plan.

Who benefits from yoga?

It is perfect for children who toe walk, have generalized tightness, cerebral palsy, poor balance, or lack coordination.

What do you do in this class?

The children in Yoga are continuously learning new poses to challenge their flexibility, postural control, and strength while achieving and maintaining a healthy range of motion.

When is Yoga offered?

  • Avondale Tuesday 4 pm