For a parent, it is an uphill struggle to feed a child that is a picky eater or who cannot chew their food effectively. Other than being confusing and worrisome, having a toddler, child, or teenager that does not eat well enough for his age could be of medical concern. At TEAM4Kids, we truly understand the parents’ concerns and strive to offer the most effective feeding therapy for children.

Feeding Therapy for Kids Surprise AZ

In order to identify and treat children with feeding difficulties or are picky eaters, TEAM4Kids uses specialized and research-based feeding therapy. We begin with assessing the reasons why your toddler, or child, won’t eat. Then, we treat each of these aspects and encourage children to eat a balanced, nutritious diet. Treatment techniques from the SOS, TR-eat, and Oral Sensory-Motor approach are used to help children develop the interest and motor skills for eating wide varieties of foods. We also focus on teaching parents different ways of making eating a fun process for their kids.

Feeding therapy at TEAM4Kids aims to fully treat feeding difficulties in children and support their best growth.

If You Identify a Feeding Problem in your Child

Although many people may tell you that “all kids are picky,” the reasons behind your child’s pickiness may include oral-motor difficulties and/or sensory aversions. Our therapists are trained to identify the underlying causes and provide individualized strategies for therapy and home.

It may be difficult to differentiate between a picky eater and a problem feeder, but all parents have a natural instinct that helps them assess their child’s difficulties. If you see your toddler, child or adolescent, struggling to eat, seek immediate help. If you sense any signs of eating difficulties, it is recommended that you go through an assessment of their feeding/eating issues at an early stage in order to make the most effective growth.

TEAM4Kids – Making Food Your Child’s Best Friend

At TEAM4Kids, our experts begin with an evaluation process that assesses your child as a whole. We consult with a multidisciplinary team to ensure that all the reasons why your child won’t eat are identified and treated. Our Team consists of Speech-language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists, however we are happy to work with any specialist your child may be currently seeing. We are all committed to helping every parent improve their child’s growth and relationship with food.