At TEAM4Kids, we offer a unique form of therapy that helps children learn from peer modeling. Therapy 2.0 improves social skills and builds one’s self- confidence. This type of therapy can supplement a child’s individual therapy sessions or provide an opportunity for the child to apply and generate the skills they have learned in a group setting with peers who have similar goals.

In our classes and groups, one or more of our expert therapists cater to the needs of a small group of children or adolescents to achieve common goals together. By interacting with others with similar goals, children will learn new skills with a therapist and their peers to facilitate a positive, enriching environment for all participants. Therapy 2.0 offers a unique experience for children to work with peers in a safe environment that a therapist or parent cannot provide on their own.

TEAM4Kids, with its group therapies, aims at fully treating the whole child in every stage of therapy.

Social Groups

The preschool social group is a weekly class for children ages 3-6. The class focuses on using games, books, songs, and activities to practice early developing language and social skills with peers. Each session incorporates “share” time, a book, and a related craft, game, or activity.
This social language group that will address social language use, or pragmatics. The purpose of a social language group is to both provide an environment for teaching and learning social problem-solving skills while allowing the participants to engage in a variety of group activities in order to practice social language skills.
This social language group is a group setting for teens and preteens that will address social language use, or pragmatics. The purpose of a social language group is to both provide an environment for teaching and learning social problem-solving skills while allowing the participants to engage in a variety of group activities in order to practice social language skills. Some topics covered are eye contact, body awareness, conversation skills, bullying/teasing, cyber safety and social filters.
Me and My Child is a fun way to work on social skills and language through play skills in a peer environment. It includes hands on parent and child interaction of the skills taught during the session.

Articulation Groups

Sounds All Around

Participants will work on the carryover of their speech sounds while playing games and practicing with peers.

Feeding Therapy


Food Explorers

Little Chefs

The feeding classes are a great way to expose your child to a variety of foods in a fun and social environment. Children often encouraged in a group setting to try new foods with their peers.

Occupational Therapy

The purpose of the Learn 2 Print class is to provide kiddos ages 5-7 years the opportunity to learn uppercase and lowercase letter formation along with letter identification within a group setting. All while educating parents and children various ways to promote proper letter formation, decrease letter reversal, and increase confidence with writing in the home and community settings.

Writing Warriors

The focus of this class is learning which handwriting errors a participant commonly uses and correcting them by using fun gross motor writing activities, sensory motor medium size writing, as well as completing and writing about a wacky art activity to apply what was learned during that day’s lesson.

Sentence Stars

Participants in the Sentence Stars class learn how to write short sentences on age-appropriate paper! Fun and creative monthly themed activities are used to help children ages 6 through 9 address letter alignment, letter and word spacing, as well as writing pace while creating short sentences.

ABC & 123 Explorers

The ABC & 123 Explorers class introduces pre-writing strokes, as well as number and letter recognition while using play materials and a sensorimotor approach! This class is aimed to help children ages 4 through 7 learn how to create the necessary shapes required as a prerequisite to being able to write letters of the alphabet!

Messy Play

The Messy play group incorporates a variety of tactile sensory activities with multiple opportunities for each child to explore sensory play and develop various skills including fine motor, eye hand and bilateral coordination as well as handle various sensory input. This group will increase your child’s ability to engage in tactile sensory input and to further explore their environment.

Game of Life

The Game of L.I.F.E. class incorporates motor skills, executive functioning skills, and a variety of learning methods to increase functional independence in life skills (also called Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, or IADLs) within both the home and the community.

Physical Therapy

Kid Fit n’ Fun

For our energetic 3-7 year olds that need to MOVE! The Kid Fit n’ Fun class will teach participants that physical activity can be FUN! Each week class will be centered on a theme that will include fun exercises, activities and music to encourage movement. This class is geared to encourage jumping, hopping, balancing. throwing, catching, and overall strengthening.

The Mighty Mites

The Mighty Mites Class is designed for preschool age kids who need to move! The class is built to improve your child’s gross motor abilities through the use of music, books and crafts

Built with a Tilt

Have you noticed a constant tilt of your baby’s head or trouble turning to one side? This could be signs of torticollis, a tightening of the neck muscles that can limit movement. This class can assist parents with regaining motion and maintaining progress of motor milestones.

Grow and Move with Me

Grow and Move with Me is an interactive and educational class designed to highlight your baby’s development. In this class, you will be able to spend quality one-on-one time with your baby while learning various positions and activities that will assist them in their overall development.

Let’s Get Physical

For our 8 year old to mid teen kiddos that need to get up and move. This class focuses on full body awareness, conditioning, coordination, flexibility and crossing midline through a variety of exercises and games. The environment is typically high energy, challenging and fun with modifications available to accommodate varying ability levels.

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