Occupational Therapy

Game of Life

The Game of L.I.F.E. class incorporates motor skills, executive functioning skills, and a variety of learning methods to increase functional independence in life skills (also called Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, or IADLs) within both the home and the community.

Game of Life Jr – Avondale – Tues 3:30
Surprise – Wed 3:30

Game of Life – Avondale – Tues 5
Peoria – Tues 3:30
Surprise -Thurs 4

Messy Play

The Messy Play class provides a variety of opportunities for children to play in tactile sensory exploration activities such as playdoh, kinetic sand, finger paint, and slime to name a few. Tactile sensory play assists in developing various skills including fine motor, eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, and the ability to engage in activities involving sensory input.

Avondale – Thurs 9
Peoria – Fri 3
Surprise – Fri 2:30