Childhood “occupations” include play, self care, and learning. If you find your child struggling with everyday tasks such as playing with age appropriate toys, drawing, coloring, writing, cutting, putting together puzzles, dressing, snapping and buttoning, using a fork and spoon, brushing teeth, or toileting, there could be an underlying medical reason which a qualified Occupational Therapist can evaluate.

As a parent, it is worrisome to sense any kind of delay in your child. At TEAM4Kids, we help parents identify red flags in their child’s occupations and offer therapeutic solutions. Our Occupational Therapists (OT) work hard to help children develop the essential skills required/needed to further their development by implementing goals to fit the child’s individual health care needs.

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If You Have Concerns With Your Child

At TEAM4Kids, our pediatric OT department loves helping children reach their greatest occupational potential. Initially, a comprehensive evaluation is provided to assess a child’s current level of functioning with their occupations of play, self care, and learning. If medical reasons for delays are identified through the evaluation, then ongoing OT will be recommended. Ongoing OT is driven by an individualized plan of care with goals written to directly help your child’s development. With our evidenced-based, therapeutic solutions and adaptations, we are able to tailor OT goals to suit the specific needs of each and every child, regardless of age or diagnosis. We commonly treat delays in fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, visual perceptual skills, core strength, primitive reflex integration, self care skills, and sensory processing.

Our team consists of Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Feeding Therapists. We are all committed to working as a team with a child and their parents to improve physical development and independent functioning. Please contact TEAM4Kids today to find the support and guidance that you need!