For over-sensitive or under-sensitive kids, sensory integration therapy is a blessing. During a therapeutic session to heal their “sensory integration disorder“, kids are free to dive into a play area that is built in a way to treat their sensory processing issues. They can jump into ball pits, crash into supersized pillows, and roll, bounce, swing, and spin. It becomes easier for them to let go of their processing issues when they are exposed to such sensory stimulations in a repetitive, structured way.

With continual sensory integration therapies, the brain starts to adapt and allow sensitive kids to process and respond to sensations in a better and more efficient manner. It is bliss to watch sensitive kids conquer their processing issues in an environment created solely for exposing them to sensory stimulations. If your child struggles with sensory processing, bring him to TEAM4Kids. Our occupational therapists (OT) are specially trained to provide highly efficient, proven sensory integration (SI) therapies to benefit your child’s sensations and movements.

TEAM4Kids, with its sensory integration therapies, aims at fully treating the processing disorders in children and supporting their best growth.

If You Identify a Sensory Integration Problem in your Child

If you are worried about your child having sensory processing issues, you can try few measures at home to come up with ways to help your child cope with tactile sensitivity, taste sensitivity, noise sensitivity, and visual sensitivity. However, it would be best to undertake a thorough evaluation of his sensory processes. Consult an occupational therapist, who will expose the child to sensory stimulation through repetitive activities, in order to find out whether your child would benefit from SI therapy.

Ensuring the child’s best sensory development through all stages of childhood is a parent’s responsibility. Get in touch with TEAM4Kids today!

TEAM4Kids – Developing the Best Sensory Processing in Children

At TEAM4Kids, our expert Occupational Therapists strive to improve your child’s movement and sensations through repetitive activities that are designed to encourage the nervous system to respond in a more “organized” way. They not only consider things like movement therapy, balance treatments, structured exposure, and sensory input, but also design physical activities to suit the individual, special needs of your sensitive child. Then, they gradually make these physical activities more complex and challenging for the nervous system to adapt to repetitive stimulation.

Our team consists of dedicated Speech Pathologists, and Occupational Therapists. We are all committed to helping every parent improve their child’s sensory potentials and overall physical development.