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TEAM 4 Kids is here to help parents understand their child and help them meet developmental milestones. Our mission is to help your child to reach their greatest potential.

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Why We Are Different

Taking Pediatric Therapy to the Next Level.

Bob and Lisa Herrmann are the owners of T.E.A.M 4 Kids. Lisa is an occupational therapist with a passion for helping children, while Bob has an entrepreneurial spirit with many business ventures under his belt. Together they created T.E.A.M. 4 Kids Pediatric Therapy 10 years ago. They were inspired to develop a thriving business in their community that helps kids. At that time, the services that T.E.A.M 4 Kids offered weren’t offered in their community. They wanted to give back to their community and help children with special needs. Today T.E.A.M 4 Kids has 3 locations across the West Valley and has helped thousands of children reach their greatest potential.

T.E.A.M 4 Kids Pediatric Therapy is dedicated to helping every child reach their greatest potential. This includes treating the whole child in all facets of growth. We use a team approach that includes care from speech therapists, physical therapists, feeding therapists, occupational therapists, and behavior therapists. This team works together to provide comprehensive care for the children we see.

This care continues in a wide variety of groups or classes to ensure all of the skills learned are able to be used in everyday life. We offer the most complete care for kids in the West Valley.

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Therapy 2.0

We offer a unique form of therapy that helps children learn from peer modeling. Therapy 2.0 improves social skills and builds one’s self-confidence . This type of therapy can supplement a child’s individual therapy sessions or provide an opportunity for the child to apply and generate the skills they have learned in a group setting with peers who have similar goals.
our class Therapy 2.0

children will learn new skills with a therapist & their peers to facilitate a positive interaction


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