Early Intervention


What is early intervention?

Early intervention is critical in an infant and toddler’s learning of age-appropriate development, especially in children demonstrating some form of delay in early childhood development. The sooner the child is in front of licensed professionals the more likely they are to learn, grow and thrive. Early intervention can include one, some, or all of the following specialties: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Feeding Therapy. The goal of each of these therapies is to promote learning and advancement in order to acquire age-appropriate skills.

What is our approach?

At TEAM 4 Kids you and your child will work directly with a licensed therapist to help your child meet age appropriate milestones. Often times, if a child is delayed in one area such as walking, they may also be delayed in other areas such as talking. At TEAM 4 Kids your child can be assessed in each discipline so that your child receives the best care from a licensed experienced therapist.

How do you envision your child learning best?

At programs such as the Arizona Early Intervention Program, your child will be assigned to work with a team lead that will provide services using a “coaching” model. The team lead will ask questions, observe your routines, plan a few activities with you and your child, and talk about what you will do between visits.  While this can be helpful, the team lead offers a more hands-off approach without directly specializing in the services your child may need. At TEAM 4 Kids we offer a direct, hands-on approach with your child. We will consult with you at every session on how we can help your child meet their milestones. You will have direct access to every person on your child’s team to ask questions.

Do you have to go the AZEIP route if your child is under 3?

Although AZEIP is a good resource, you as a parent have the option to enroll your child in the AZEIP program or seek out other options such as pediatric outpatient therapy at TEAM 4 Kids.  We work with children of all ages and needs, from birth to over 21.  Many families are choosing to bypass AZEIP altogether and seek alternative options such as clinic-based therapies.  They are seeing faster response time to get started, more intervention across multiple disciplines and rapid results.  Both will use your child’s insurance to cover some or all of the cost of therapy and if your child isn’t covered under insurance discounted cash pay options are also available. 

TEAM 4 Kids – Providing the Best Early Intervention in the West Valley.

At TEAM 4 Kids, we aim to help children reach age-appropriate milestones as early as possible. By customizing our early intervention therapies to suit the particular needs of each child, we offer comprehensive solutions to a variety of milestone deficits.  Our team consists of Speech Pathologists, Occupational TherapistsFeeding TherapistsBehavior Analysts, and Physical Therapists. We are all committed to collaborating and helping every parent improve their child’s development.

Interested in our groups or classes?

Me and My Child

Me and My Child is a fun way to work on social skills and language through play skills in a peer environment. 

Grow and Move with Me

Grow and Move with Me is an interactive and educational class designed to highlight your baby’s development. In this class, you will be able to spend quality one-on-one time with your baby while learning various positions and activities that will assist them in their overall development. 

Torticollis Group

This class can assist parents with regaining motion and maintaining the progress of motor milestones. In addition, education concerning head shape caused by torticollis can be addressed. This class includes hands-on parent and child interaction with the skills taught during the session.

Sign up for a Class

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What is the difference between therapy at TEAM4Kids versus the AZEIP program?

TEAM 4 Kids provides direct therapy with a licensed therapist that is an expert in the treatment your child needs. At early intervention programs your child will be assigned to a team lead that will coach you as a parent in order to treat your child. This team lead may or may not specialize in the area in which your child needs help. At the end of every session at TEAM 4 Kids you will consult with your child’s therapist. The therapist will go over home programs to help your child at home and answer any questions you may have.

What ages do you see?
We treat all ages from birth to over 21. Unlike other programs, your child will not age out of our services on their 3rd birthday.
Does insurance cover therapy for my child?
Most times insurance will cover services at TEAM 4 Kids. It is always a good idea to call your insurance company to discuss your benefits.
Am I required to use AZEIP Services?
No! Although AZEIP can be a good resource many families choose to bypass AZEIP and seek clinic based services. These families are seeing faster response times to get started, more interventions across multiple disciplines and rapid results.
How quickly can I get an appointment?
We can get an evaluation scheduled within 1 week.
My child is seen 1 time per week for early intervention. How often will they be seen at TEAM4Kids?

The evaluating therapist will decide how many times per week your child will need to come to therapy. Most children make the fastest progress when they are seen 2-3 times per week.