“I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for all that you have done to help our family. We came to you last year not knowing what to expect and now, here we are, completely changed for the better! Every single member of your staff cared for our boys as if they were their own child. I could sense the love and true concern for their well-being that everyone had. I could tell from the beginning that you guys went way beyond the basic “therapist/patient relationship.” Each week you had the boys working on something different, something that was uniquely tailored to their needs. This was no cookie cutter therapy – my boys could never have learned these new skills at any other clinic. I am so grateful for the effort, care, and love that went into our treatment. I truly felt like we were part of a care family and I am amazed every day at the things that my boys can do now!” – Jill W. (occupational therapy client)

“Our therapist is a very professional, courteous and knowledgeable therapist. She and the whole TEAM4Kids staff view my child as a child who ‘happens to have a disability,’ not just as a disability. That’s precious!” – Cathy (occupational therapy client)

“Wow! What a journey Taylor has had at TEAM4Kids for her ongoing therapy needs! We look forward to our visits every time we go. The staff is over anyone’s expectations. Extremely helpful, friendly, and on top of their game. Very efficient in everything. So caring and the therapists really do care about the kids. The facility is very clean and as soon as you walk through the door you feel very comfortable. Taylor has done so good while going to TEAM4Kids. THE BEST! We are moving out of state and we will miss these people.” – Rhonda H. (occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy client)

“From the moment we first came to TEAM4Kids we had such a different response in our daughter. She actually wanted to play! Every week she has so much fun with Jan. And loves to show off her drawings. I’m so glad we kept looking for an OT that had a connection with our daughter. It has made a huge difference. We see her confidence growing all the time. Thank you so much Jan, Lisa and all the staff. It’s rare that everyone is so great but at TEAM4Kids it feels like a big family. We love it!” – Caree C. (occupational therapy and speech therapy client)

“Our son has definitely improved in his fear of loud noises. We have seen an improvement in his meltdowns; we haven’t seen one all summer! His social interacting has improved as well. He definitely isn’t afraid to interact with the adults he knows and trusts.” – Angela C. (occupational therapy client)

customer-review-speech-bubble-rating“My son is having the most wonderful experience at TEAM4Kids!! This is the first time ever we left speech and he wasn’t frustrated and angry. He even noticed that the therapist didn’t make any funny faces at him when he said words wrong. I loved the fact that the therapist talked to him instead of at him and worked down at his level. Every time we drive by he proudly says ‘that is where my speech place is!’ We have already recommended some other families! I tell you this is really the first time he has been happy about speech therapy. It is nice for him to tell everyone…that is a first!!” – Deb B. (occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy client)

“We moved from out of state and were lucky enough to find T4K. The staff keeps parents well informed of their child’s progress, and tailors a therapy that suits the children’s specific area of need. My son loves coming to each session and I have already seen progress from just a few weeks’ sessions.” – Amanda S. (speech therapy client)

“Our therapist has been working on developing life skills for my son and we have noticed so many things have improved in our household because of goals that he is working on.” (occupational therapy client)

“My son really loves coming here. Usually a doctor’s appointment causes a meltdown but he can’t wait for his turn here, we have to close the door to keep him in the waiting area!” -Anndrea M. (occupational therapy and physical therapy client)

“The staff is friendly and responds right away with answers. My son loves the staff and talks about them during the week.” -Tammy T. (speech therapy and occupational therapy client)

“I think therapy is expensive, but I was able to get a reasonable price because TEAM4Kids was able to put me on a payment plan that worked for my financial situation and made this possible. Thank you!” -Katie P. (speech therapy client)

“The explanations our therapists give us are helpful- this is something new to us.” -Shannon H. (physical therapy client)

“Lisa is doing an awesome job with her! She can understand her world, which is Disney, characters, etc. and make the therapy something she wants to do and has fun doing it. She doesn’t realize she is working.” – Lee G. (speech therapy client)

“My daughter recently started with a new therapist and I am so eager to see her progress. The therapist has been sweet and patient in listening to my concerns.” -Nikole L. (speech therapy, feeding therapy and occupational therapy client)

“We are thankful for the progress our son has made since he started therapy with Lisa/Sarah. He is improving his life skills which have included laundry, typing, working with utensils, and reading a map. We are looking forward to working on new goals and keep improving. Thank you!” – Martha S. (occupational therapy client)

“Our son really enjoys his OT appointments. He’s really been improving his attention span with fun activities Jan has him going. He is very comfortable with Jan and can’t wait to get his appts started with her.” – Andrea M. (occupational therapy client)

“They have been very helpful with directing me to outside resources to help my child.” -Jamie P. (occupational therapy client)

“We have never experienced an ongoing therapy process before and doing it through TEAM4Kids has made it an amazing experience where we feel extremely comfortable with the care our son gets!:) We love you guys!” -Raeann R. (occupational therapy client)

“I am noticing a big improvement in my son. He is beginning to pronounce a lot more words now than he ever did in the past or with his previous therapy facility.” -Jessica B. (speech therapy client)

“I like that I am actively involved during sessions. We are able to combine what is being done at home with what is being done during the session.” -Angelica C. (physical therapy client)

“I want to thank TEAM4Kids for being able to accommodate my daughter. She uses the OT and PT and she loves it there. Her therapists are so awesome and the office staff is so incredibly nice. Rachel (in the office) was so on top of everything with my insurance and kept in constant communication with me about what was going on. I would recommend TEAM4Kids to anyone who is in search of pediatric therapy!”– Kristen M. (occupational therapy and physical therapy client)

“Our therapist has great interaction with my granddaughter, great ideals in her program and very helpful with suggestions on how they can be applied in the office and at home. I have enjoyed every aspect of her work.” Danny L. (physical therapy client)

“Our child receives the one on one attention that he needs. Even though we have only been attending for a month, I can see improvements.” -Brittney K. (speech therapy client)online_reviews

“Dear TEAM4Kids, Thank you for understanding our son’s unique self. Jan and Kristina have been wonderful. In just a short time our son is dressing himself and starting to answer “why questions.” Great Job and Thank You!” – Joanne S. (occupational therapy and speech therapy client)

“The staff here is so sweet! They all make my family feel very special!:)” -Jamie R. (physical therapy and speech therapy client)

“I’ve been bringing my toddler to TEAM4Kids for a little over a month. I love the staff and the cleanliness of the facility. The therapists are great! Also, they really know how to pull out the best in each child.” – Kellie C. (physical therapy, speech therapy, feeding therapy and occupational therapy client)

“My son’s therapist does a great job making him feel comfortable.” -Nicole L. (physical therapy and speech therapy client)

“We absolutely love the progress our son has made since starting OT with Jan earlier this year. She is so very patient with him and is always asking how he’s doing, which means a lot because we know she cares. Jan is awesome at giving us information regarding our son’s disorder and has helped us feel very comforted about hopes for out son’s future.” – Jim R. (speech therapy and occupational therapy client)

“I love all of the toys and gadgets that TEAM4Kids has to help my daughter!” -Fabiola G. (occupational therapy client)

“The staff is very nice. The lobby is always very clean and the therapists all do great jobs with my two children.” (speech therapy and physical therapy client)

“I love how easily you accommodate for the needs of my brother, very efficient! I’ve never gotten anything less than kindness from the staff!” -Banna T. (physical therapy client)

“I appreciate that my son’s therapists tries to get to know him and tailors his therapies accordingly.” -Michelle H. (occupational therapy and speech therapy client)

“All staff and therapists are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and seem very happy working here.” -Donna J. (speech therapy client)

“I love to see the improvement with my child; and the location and very positive environment is great.” -Shermeka H. (speech therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy client)

“Everyone takes the time to get to know the kiddos. They ask questions to understand more instead of just assuming. Experience here has been great!” -Lisa C. (speech therapy client)

“Our therapist shows true compassion to helping my child.” -Desiree N. (speech therapy client)

“Lisa is amazing! Right from the first appointment she listened and was excellent in explaining the assessment and what my child needs for OT. She is great in offering suggestions and has been a blessing for my daughter.” -Nikole L. (speech therapy, feeding therapy and occupational therapy client)

“I like how everyone is so courteous and it is easy to make up missed appointments.” (speech therapy client)

Please check back as we add more text and video testimonials from the children we provide therapy for.