Does your child struggle with their handwriting? Does homework that involves lots of writing usually result in tears? Make handwriting fun with our proven methods to improve your child’s handwriting while enjoying the process. Our handwriting professionals have extensive experience with children and teens of all ages. We offer 4 different handwriting classes for all ages and levels! Call us today to find out how to sign up for a class!

ABC & 123 Explorers

The ABC & 123 Explorers class introduces pre-writing strokes, as well as number and letter recognition while using play materials and a sensorimotor approach! This class is aimed to help children ages 4 through 7 learn how to create the necessary shapes required as a prerequisite to being able to write letters of the alphabet!

Avondale – Wed 4
Peoria – Wed 3
Surprise – Fri 5

Learn to Print

Children ages 5 through 8 learn uppercase letter formation, lowercase letter formation as well as number formation in the Learn to Print class. Parent education is provided along the way while children engage in fun, interactive ways to promote proper letter formation, decrease letter reversals, and increase confidence with writing in the home and community settings.

Avondale – Wed 5
Peoria – Wed 4
Surprise – Wed 4:30 and Thurs 5

Sentence Stars

Participants in the Sentence Stars class learn how to write short sentences on age-appropriate paper! Fun and creative monthly themed activities are used to help children ages 6 through 9 address letter alignment, letter and word spacing, as well as writing pace while creating short sentences.

Avondale – Tues 4
Peoria – Thurs 3:30
Surprise – Fri 4

Writing Warriors

The Writing Warriors class improves handwriting legibility by identifying which handwriting errors are commonly used and correcting these errors by using fun, gross motor writing activities, sensory-motor medium size writing activities, as well as completing a wacky art activity and writing about it to apply what was learned during that day’s lesson. Areas of focus for this class include letter alignment, letter and word spacing, and identifying one’s own errors in writing that lead to poor legibility.

Avondale – Thurs 4
Peoria – Fri 4
Surprise – Tues 4:30

For more information or to sign up for a class call 800.376.3440 or email: [email protected]