Sentence Stars

Participants in the Sentence Stars class learn how to write short sentences on age-appropriate paper! Fun and creative monthly themed activities are used to help children ages 6 through 9 address letter alignment, letter and word spacing, as well as writing pace while creating short sentences.

Who benefits from Sentence Stars?

Children who have mastered their upper and lower case ABC’s, but are struggling to form 2-3 word sentences, would benefit from participating in Sentence Stars. This class would help children who make their letters too large or small on a line, do not create enough spacing, or write too fast or too slow!

What activities do you do in this class?

Fun, gross motor writing activities, sensory motor writing activities, as well as completing a wacky art activity and writing about it helps to apply what was learned during that day’s lesson.

When is Sentence Stars offered?

Sentence Stars is offered :
  • Surprise : Friday 4pm
  • Peoria : Thursday 3:30pm
  • Avondale : Tuesday 4:00pm