ABC & 123 Explorers

What is ABC & 123 Explorers?

The ABC & 123 Explorers class introduces pre-writing strokes, as well as number and letter recognition, while using play materials and a sensorimotor approach! This class is aimed to help children ages 4 through 7 learn how to create the necessary shapes required as a prerequisite to being able to write letters of the alphabet!

Who benefits from ABC & 123 Explorers?

This class would be beneficial for children aged 4 through 7 that are beginning to recognize and form their shapes, letters, and numbers. Children begin to use their knowledge of pre-writing strokes to build foundational skills to be able to form letters and numbers using manipulative and writing utensils.

What activities do you do in this class?

The Handwriting Without Tears curriculum is used to help children develop their pre-writing skills using sensory manipulatives such as wood pieces, play-doh, and magnets. Active and hands-on activities such as singing, dancing, sorting, and naming are used for learning the alphabet. Children will be taught how to hold writing utensils and begin to form uppercase letters.

When is ABC & 123 Explorers offered?

This class is offered on :
  • Peoria : Wednesday 3:00pm
  • Surprise : Friday 5pm
  • Avondale : Wednesday 4:00pm