Game of L.I.F.E

What is the Game of L.I.F.E class?

The Game of L.I.F.E. class incorporates motor skills, executive functioning skills, and a variety of learning methods to increase functional independence in life skills (also called Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, or IADLs) within both the home and the community. Throughout the course, each client will demonstrate increased participation and independence in age-appropriate IADLs including household chores, making their bed, meal preparation, washing dishes as well as management of time, finances, health, communication, and personal/daily routines appropriate for teens.

Who benefits from the Game of L.I.F.E class?

This Game of L.I.F.E class is a group setting for teens starting age 13 and young adults who may struggle to complete life skills independently at home or in their community.

What activities do you do in this class?

The participants complete laundry tasks with a real washer and dryer, cook in a fully equipped kitchen, navigate grocery stores in search of items, learn cleaning skills, learn personal money management, and many more hands-on activities.Along with instructor-led, hands-on activities that are created to be a just-right challenge for each participant’s needs, peer modeling and social learning allow clients to use and solidify skills across situations.

When is the Game of L.I.F.E class offered?

The class is offered on:
  • Game of Life Jr Avondale : Tues 3:30pm – Surprise: Wed 3:30pm
  • Peoria : Thursday 5pm
  • Surprise : Thursday 4pm
  • Avondale : Tuesday 5pm