Messy Play

The Messy Play class provides a variety of opportunities for children to play in tactile sensory exploration activities such as playdoh, kinetic sand, finger paint, and slime to name a few. Tactile sensory play assists in developing various skills including fine motor, eye-hand coordination, bilateral coordination, and the ability to engage in activities involving sensory input. This group will increase your child’s ability to engage in tactile sensory input and to further explore their environment.

Who benefits from the Messy Play class?

Children aged 2 through 6 years old who benefit from this class would be those who struggle with getting their hands dirty or do not like touching new foods! If your kiddo immediately wipes their hands after touching the paint, shaving cream, or foods at the dinner table we could work to improve those skills!

What activities do you do in this class?

During class, we introduce children to dry, wet, and sticky texture combinations in a play situation. We start each class with a dry ingredient adding more ingredients to make combinations as they are more comfortable with each texture. We encourage play with a manipulative first and then slowly move into whole hands.

When is the Messy Play class offered?

The Messy Play class is offered :
  • Surprise : Friday 2:30pm
  • Peoria : Friday 3pm
  • Avondale : Thursday 9am