The Mighty Mites Preschool Class

What is the Mighty Mites?

The Mighty Mites Class is designed for preschool age kids who need to move! The class is built to improve your child’s gross motor abilities through the use of music, books and crafts in line with TEAM 4 Kids monthly theme. Class is led by a member of the physical therapy team with pre planned activities to keep your child engaged and motivated. The Mighty Mites Preschool Class will focus on activities to challenge your child’s gross motor skills while increasing their participation with peers in a dynamic environment.

Who benefits from the Mighty Mites class?

The Mighty Mites class helps kids ages three to five improve their strength, balance, coordination, and endurance in a fun filled, action packed group setting. Kids who would benefit from the preschool class may have a hard time navigating uneven surfaces, keeping up with peers their age, or utilizing playground equipment successfully. These kiddos may appear clumsy or fall a lot during the day. The Mighty Mites Preschool Class focuses on improving kids’ overall gross motor abilities to succeed in various environments and increase their physical participation with peers! The class is adapted to accommodate all ability levels and help meet your child’s gross motor or physical therapy goals.

What activities do you do in this class?

The primary activity for the Mighty Mites Preschool Class aligns with TEAM4Kids’ monthly theme. We work on skills such as crossing a balance beam, running, jumping, stairs, animal walks, relay activities, obstacle courses, throwing, catching, kicking and much more! Each week we will focus on building strength, balance, coordination or endurance utilizing fun toys and equipment such as bubbles, games, balls, and parachutes. We are able to accommodate for any kiddo that comes in and can alter any activity so they are successful. Activities will be inspired by books, songs and crafts so your child doesn’t realize they are working, but actually playing.

When is the Mighty Mites class offered?

TEAM4Kids’ Mighty Mites Preschool Class is offered at :
  • Surprise: Thursdays at 9:45am-10:45am
  • Peoria: Mondays at 4:15pm-5:15pm
  • Avondale: Wednesdays at 9:00am-10:00am