Social Groups

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Social Groups

Can your child benefit from a social group?

Social groups are formed to allow children to learn social skills with peers in a therapeutic setting. Communicating with peers requires a complex set of skills that may be easy for some, but for others, it can present a big challenge. One of the cornerstones of communication is being able to make friends and have meaningful interactions. Social groups allow children to learn social skills and to put into practice the skills learned. This offers a unique experience for children to work with peers in a safe environment that a therapist or parent cannot provide on their own.

What will my child learn in a Social Group?

Making friends requires initiating interactions, identifying communication breakdowns, identifying emotions, compromising and advocating for self, taking the perspective of others and being flexible. These are just a few social skills that can be addressed in social groups. Check out this website for a comprehensive list of social skills that are important for your child’s development:

Team 4 Kids is kicking off some great social groups this summer! If you think your child can benefit, give us a call to get more information on what group is best for you or visit:


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