Community Education Coordinator

Basic information: I was born and raised in Arizona and grew up in Surprise. I lived in Flagstaff for 4 years and attended NAU, where I got a Bachelor’s in photography, a Bachelor’s in advertising, and minored in public relations. I then moved back to Surprise and started my journey with TEAM4Kids!

Interests & hobbies: I love photography, hiking, binge watching shows on Netflix, a good Taco Tuesday, and playing with my dogs. I am a volunteer at the animal shelter.

Favorite quote: “All progress takes place outside of your comfort zone”

Favorite place to travel: Anywhere with a beach! I haven’t traveled very far, but I would love to go international someday.

Why I love working with children: I love being able to see firsthand the impact that we are making for a child. Kids make everything much more fun and exciting! There’s never a dull moment and every day is a new adventure.