How to Access your Telehealth Appointment (for Parents)

  1. Go to the following website: 
  2. Click on the large “Use a Meeting Code” button on the right side of your screen
  3. Paste the meeting code you were sent into the box and click continue
  4. Click on the “Join Now” button on the right side of your screen

Here are a few items to make your child’s telehealth sessions successful:

  1. Your child must be in a home environment. Cars, stores, or other places of business are not conducive to therapy. If your child logs in to their session in one of these environments, the session will be considered a no-show and you will need to follow the company’s policy of paying $50.
  2. The parent should be home and within earshot of the session. This will help to ensure you are aware if your child needs assistance, is on task, and follows directions. At the end of the session, the therapist will recap the session and give home programs to work on during the week.
  3. It’s tough for our kiddos to have a great session if they aren’t feeling well. Please make sure your child feels well enough to actively participate with the therapist.
  4. The quality of the internet connection is very important. If your home does not have a good connection, in-clinic sessions may be best. In addition, if you know a room in your house tends to have a lower quality connection, please find another space that works better.
  5. Make sure that the device that your child is using to participate in the session is only used for that purpose during the scheduled time. We ask that you do not accept phone calls or reply to text messages with the device your child is using for telehealth.
  6. Please provide a tabletop surface for your child’s session. If your session is for OT or PT, they will need an open space for movement as well.