Therapy 2.0 is dedicated to treating a small group of children, suffering with similar issues through active Group Therapy sessions. These sessions include a set of helping processes tailored to suit and cure the problems mutually faced by a group of individuals. These therapeutic processes take place in a group, including skills training groups (such as mindfulness, relaxation training, anger management, or social skills training), support groups, and psycho-education groups. Another form of group therapies, which is also more specialized, is non-verbal expressive therapies, including dance therapy, art therapy, or music therapy etc.

At TEAM4Kids, one or more of our expert therapists cater to the needs of a small group of children or adolescents and treat their common problems together in a group. By interacting with others who are going through similar situations, affected children start to feel that they are not fighting the battle alone, which boosts their confidence and willpower. Getting treatment in a group settings can not just maximize the benefits but also cut down the treatment costs significantly.

TEAM4Kids, with its group therapies, aims at fully treating the problems faced together by a set of children and ensures their best growths.

If You Identify a Behavioural Problem in your Child

If you feel that your child is suffering from problem that others his age show no signs of, you should consult a pediatric therapist. Sudden changes in beliefs, attitudes, emotions or behaviour can be early symptoms in your child, needing a therapeutic solution. If you choose a group therapy for him, he’ll be motivated to discover that they are not alone. It boosts their confidence to know that their problems, experiences or fears are not isolated or unique. As a group member, your child will be able to develop more effective coping skills, consider alternatives, receive support of others suffering from the same problems, and challenge thoughts in order to ease their battles.

TEAM4Kids’ Therapy 2.0 is led by qualified therapists who have the requisite experience working with children and adolescents in such settings. Get in touch with TEAM4Kids today!

TEAM4Kids – Developing the Best Sensory Processing in Children

TEAM4Kids suggests group therapies when it is the best way to address your child’s needs. Of course, we have ample space in individual therapies, but sometimes, group therapies are best suited in some cases. We begin with an assessment and recommend the most effective method to help.

Our team consists of dedicated Dietitians, Developmental Pediatricians, Behavioral Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, and Occupational Therapists. We are all committed to helping every parent improve their child’s potentials and overall physical, mental, and social development.