Employee Spotlight – Alayna Walter

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Interview with Alayna

Tell us about yourself

My name is Alayna and I have been with TEAM 4 Kids for a little over a year. I am from the beautiful state of Pennsylvania and this past year I married the love of my life! My hobbies include working out, cooking, reading my bible, and listening to music. Big country music fan.

Why did you become a Referral Coordinator?

I became a referral coordinator last year and have enjoyed every moment of it. What gravitated me toward the position was being able to use my voice and skillset to help welcome new parents to our programs.

Why do you think your coworkers nominated you for being inspirational?

I am humbled that my coworkers nominated me. In all honesty, my TEAM 4 Kids family inspires ME on a daily basis. I think we all do a good job of uplifting and motivating each other when we need it.

What do you love most about working with TEAM 4 Kids?

I love the friendships and sense of community that TEAM 4 Kids has instilled among its team. I also love all of the opportunities we are given to grow, not just professionally, but personally. Our leads are so intentional about helping you become the best version of yourself, in all aspects. 🙂

What is your favorite motivational quote?

“There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.” —Mr Rogers


Nominations for Alayna:

“Alayna shares motivational videos to help her team get through the week and always has something positive to say! Her positivity radiates from her. She works hard to reach her goals and offers to help others reach theirs. She invites her peers to join her in challenges to become their best selves! I love seeing her grow in her position at T4K and it encourages me to grow in mine as well.”

Alayna is wise beyond her years. She is always encouraging others to do their best and she expects the best from herself. She is so committed to self-improvement and bringing out the best in others.”

Alayna exhibits so much strength in every day. She is hard-working, driven, and determined to succeed. She is always cheering on her coworkers and she helps to motivate the team so much! :)”

Alayna always has the drive to grow in the company. She is always up to completing tasks needed to get on a higher ladder and it motivates me to complete tasks in a timely manner as well!”