The benefits of Messy Play

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Occupational Therapy

Kids love to get messy, make messes, and be creative with their hands. Whether playing with their food or making mud pies, kids LOVE to make messes!  We all understand children learn through experimentation and discovery, messy play encourages children to explore new textures and manipulate different materials through touch in a semi-structured environment. Some of the following important developmental skills can be discovered and enhanced through messy play:

  • language development
  • creativity
  • curiosity
  • cognitive growth
  • fine / gross motor skills
  • problem solving / reasoning
  • muscle strengthening
  • eye hand coordination
  • body control and balance
  • spatial awareness
  • social interaction

Looking for ideas or need a place for all the messiness to take place.  Please ask your Occupational Therapist for ideas or have your child join our Messy Play Group at Team 4 Kids.  Please stop by the front desk for more information.

Jill Campbell  COTA/L