8 Important Benefits Group Therapy Sessions Can Provide Children

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Physical Therapy

Group therapy sessions for children related to occupational therapy and educational needs are designed to keep kids learning and growing. Many social, learning, and speech skills are linked closely together, and learning can be facilitated in a group environment. At TEAM 4 kids, our pediatric professionals offer various occupational and group therapy services to help children learn and acquire the skills they need to move forward with normal life activities.

Some kids have little to zero issues communicating, sharing, and playing with one another and adults. However, for others, these common tasks are extremely difficult, especially for those diagnosed with Autism or others with certain special needs. Group therapy for these children is designed to provide benefits that help resolve these issues.

Some of the benefits of group therapy for children include:

1. Imitate Real World Situations

Group therapy sessions serve to imitate real world situations such as when a child is going to a friend’s birthday party, sitting in a classroom at school, or just being at a friend’s house.

2. Opportunity to Develop Relationships

The opportunity for children to develop relationships with each other occurs when they gather together over and over again.

3. Practice Learning Social Skills and Boundaries

During group therapy, children practice starting conversations, taking turns, following instructions, and sharing with each other. The idea is to have children learn these skills in a group setting with the hope those skill will continue into everyday life.

4. Realizing They’re Not Alone

When children see and meet other children going through the same challenges they are facing, they may realize they are not the only ones going through those challenges.

5. A Chance to Encourage Their Friends

In a group setting, children may recognize the error in another child’s movement or speech and more easily recognize their own problem. They can take that recognition toward correcting their own problem and also encourage their friends in the group who are experiencing the same issue.

6. A Relaxing Learning Environment With Peers

When children are able to work on new skills with others of their own age, they can feel more open to learning, and also feel calmer, and more relaxed, than when only working with adults.

7. Have Fun Playing With Friends

Getting together with other friends to perform activities and play games can just be plain old fun – and that is a positive activity for children.

8. A Chance to Make Progress One Step at a Time

Occupational therapy sessions in a group are a starting place to help a child make progress and learn to move past challenges that have hindered his or her learning progress.

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