Bingo! How to Play for Exercise in Physical Therapy

by | Feb 7, 2022 | Physical Therapy, Uncategorized

Remember that good ol’ game that would make your heart race every time you noticed five items in a row? Bingo can be a great way to implement gross motor activities and tasks with your kiddos while keeping them engaged and excited. All you’ll need is a fun, exciting prize to help encourage participation in your guided bingo game! You can create a variety of different pictures to identify for your kiddos on these bingo sheets such as: farm animals, ocean animals, different types of food, facial expressions, or shapes/colors. Associate each image with an activity to get your kids active! Then create a key and have your kiddo perform these gross motor activities to “earn” their sticker on the bingo sheet.

To play, one person reads an instruction card that contains an activity. They will read out the object and the activity (ex “Crab! Everyone does 5 hops on one foot”). The whole group does the activity and those who have the object on their bingo card cover the square with a chip or crosses it off with a washable marker. Play until someone has bingo. When they’ve completed a full row or column, give them an award!

Here is an example of gross motor activities that work on balance, strength, and coordination for all age groups that you can incorporate into the game with your child. These exercises are perfect for home, school, and the playground! Exercises can be modified for all skill levels.

For more fun recommendations to work on PT skills at home, reach out to TEAM 4 Kids! If you have any concern’s with your child’s development, we would love to help.

Alyssa Rosdahl, PTA