Diagnosis and Treatment for Children with Autism

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Autism which is diagnosed in toddlers and young children is typically characterized by repetitive behaviors and shortcomings in the ability to communicate and interact socially. Symptoms may manifest within the first three years of a child’s life, but they may also go unnoticed. At TEAM 4 Kids, our pediatric team consists of professionals who understand autism and are able to provide therapy to help address the challenges kids face because of the condition.

Diagnosis of Autism

The diagnosis of autism does not involve a medical diagnostic test. It is typically based on the observation of certain behavior patterns. At each checkup, doctors look for symptoms of autism, perform periodic screenings at certain ages, such as 18-months and 2 years, and discuss with parents any concerns they may have. The professionals who observe and evaluate children with autism attempt to understand their thinking, communication/language, physical health, emotions, development, self-help skills, and social skills.

The key indicators that a child has autism are problems with communication, sociability, and repetitive behaviors. The child fails to make a connection when attempting to communicate. In addition, the child may show little emotion and make little eye contact with others, including his or her parents.

Symptoms of Autism

The brains of children with autism develop and process information differently. Typical autism problem include communication issues such as language delays and as previously mentioned repetitive or unusual behaviors. They can also struggle to form and maintain relationships with others.

Treatment for Autism

If autism is treated early and properly in kids and teenagers, they have an opportunity to live a fulfilling life. The therapy options listed below may provide help for children with autism:

  • Speech therapy
  • Applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  • Occupational therapy

Although it can be a challenge to interact with your child or grandchild who has autism, it is of great value in helping them to learn and develop. Loving interactions on a frequent basis, besides any other therapy options mentioned above, will go a long way to helping a child with autism.

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